Ibiza RECHARGE in London


RECHARGE – energizing and revitalizing practice for your 7 body centers brought to you from magical Ibiza island.

Together with aromatherapy it will bring your mind into relaxation mode, will reinforce your natural flow of energy into your body and will give you time to reconnect with your soul.

1,5 hours experience brought to you from magical Ibiza island created by local musicians and healers, lead by transformational retreat leader, psychologist and coach Leonora Be You. It’s a combination of special breathing exercises, movement, high quality aromatherapy oils and special sounds created by local healers from Ibiza.

Benefits of this healing practice:
- “cleaning” and balancing your 7 energetic centers
- healing emotional pain
- recharging your body to feel in full power mode
- releasing fear and uncertainty
- reducing physical pain
- improving quality of sleep
Is this long lasting effect?
It’s highly recommended to practice this active meditation as often as possible for sustainable results. Even one time will bring you effect however if you want to keep this balance you can continue this practice at home with special music prepared for you on CD that you could buy after the workshop.
Place: Egoist Body Studio 6 Fitzroy Square London, W1T 5DX, GB

Date: September 12th

Time: 7:45p.m.-9.15 p.m.

Price: 25£


Evening organized and lead by: Leonora Be You – transformational coach and retreat leader, pshychologist, writer and inspiratory who’s been working in self development field for the past 10 years.

Instruction languages: English and Lithuanian (if neededJ)


Give yourself some “ME” time and join our fun and fulfilling evening with surprises and special offers.

Wear comfortable clothes for the workshop.

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