To book any of Leonora Be You services please contact: [email protected], phone +34 656 900 784 (Ibiza)

Prices are approximate, can be discussed depending on a group size, set up, etc.

Personal consultation: purpose of the session is to help the person to find answers to their questions themselves, to guide them in finding inner balance. Session is very much depending on questions you might have and situations in life you are dealing with. Duration 1.5hours, price 70€. (available to have via skype as well), Consultation with short therapy 100€.

Individual consultations

Individual consultations

Body workout – NIA practice: NIA is a sensory-based movement practice (body IQ technique)  that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting their body, mind, emotions and spirit. It‘s a perfect way to relieve stress, enjoy your body by listening to your internal rhythm and get into shape at the same time. NIA can be combined with power Pilates and yoga exercises – a perfect combination to strengthen abdominals, increase flexibility, to burn fat and shape your body.Personal and group practices available. Duration 1.5-2hours. Price depends on group size, arrangements of place, etc.starts from 100€ 1-3 people. NIA can be combined with meditation afterwards.


Video about NIA workout on the beach:

NIA workout in the studio:

Power classes in Energii club

Personal meditation: This one-to-one session is about going deeper and connecting with oneself, letting go the past and finding inner balance. During personal meditation different techniques are used, most common is hypnotherapy meditation. Duration 2 hours, price: 100€. Group meditations: usually held for small groups up to 12 people, however can be done to bigger groups as well. Various meditation techniques and different topics can be combined, for example: relaxing meditation, releasing stress, conecting with onself, love your body meditation, releasing your fears through meditation etc. Duration 2hours, price: 300€  (up to 7 people) 500€ (than up to 12 people).

Guided sound meditations

Guided sound meditations

Group retreats: main purpose is to re-connect with oneself, find inner balance and strength and one‘s personal goals like relaxation, overcoming fears, going through changes in life, learning to change daily routine etc. After retreat you‘ll leave with a definately calmer mind and connected with your core strenght within. Such retreats develop confidence in you and helps you to open your heart. Various retreat programs available, e.g. weekend retreat for couples, women retreats, fitness retreats, etc. 

Video about women retreats:

More about BE YOU retreats.

Leonora Be YOU is a life coach and consultant in the field of self-development. She has been developing her knowledge and skills in human power field for more than  10 years. Leonora successfully completed different psychological studies and is closely collaborating with recognized psychologists, therapists and scientists. Leonora specializes in human personal growth and especially focuses on women psychology and spirituality. She‘s been delivering trainings, seminars, individual consultations, group meditations, giving speeches and organizing retreats in Spain, The USA, Lithuania and Russia. Leonora is also a certified trainer of movement technique NIA as well as personal trainer of different power techniques in Energii club.

Leonora works with very diverse people, women and men of all kind of ages around the world. Leonora is a practitioner rather than theorist, her life is a great example how to integrate knowledge practically. Her passion is to help you learn more about yourself, find your strengths and uncover your true passions so that you‘d be loving every minute of your life!

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