BE YOU rules


If you are reading this it means we are going to meet in one of the retreats lead by Leonora Be You. Before coming to BE YOU retreat we want you to know the principles that we follow during the retreat process. You are about to experience a unique program and we are ready to make it unforgettable so we invite you to collaborate:)

ALL participants coming to BE YOU retreats and workshops agree to follow the principles and rules listed bellow: 

  • I promise not to judge anyone’s opinion, views or habits and keep everything we share during the program confidential only in the circle of the participants.
  • I promise to inform the organizers’ team about any health issues I have, pregnancy, allergies, eating habits and any other facts that might affect my stay in the retreat. I understand that I’m fully responsible for my own health, safety and personal belongings. I agree to cover losses if they arise because of my fault.
  • During the retreat I promise not to use any alcohol, drugs or other narcotics and I understand that breaching this rule will lead to me leaving the program.
  • I agree to be photographed and I give the right to BE YOU team to use any pictures or videos for further communication. We respect your privacy and take pictures or film respecting your private space and use these materials only for communication purposes so that other participants could find out about the programs we organize. The more happy people we have on earth, the better, right?:)
  • I understand that I’m highly advised (not forced!) to the following: to turn off my phone and not to use it during the retreat, to cut on coffee (it will be available only for breakfast) and smoking (only allowed outside the main villa area), to stay in silence  as much as possible during the retreat days (don’t worry there will be time to talk;)
  • I understand that there might be uncomfortable, uncommon things in the program, that I haven’t done before, haven’t heard before or haven’t eaten before, however I fully trust the professional team and understand that this is part of transformational process and this is the place where all conditions are prepared so that I could receive strong experiences, expand my horizons with new information and change my old habits.
  • I unconditionally agree to follow the rules of the retreat set by BE YOU team and respect their job.
  • I promise myself to overcome all my “NOs”. None of the “I can’t”, “I don’t want”, “I won’t manage”, “This is not for me”.. exist in BE YOU retreat space that we are creating together, I promise to get most out of the program. Because if we keep doing the same things that we are used to doing, we’ll never find out how we could improve our lives by all means.

There are truly dedicated people working in BE YOU team who devote their energy and time to ensure full comfort and confidentiality for you, that’s why we invite you to be open in the process and get many pleasant experiences. 

See you,

BE YOU team

be you akmenukai