Book “Now Be You”

GET A COPY of our newly published book “NOW BE YOU” today and start positive change in your life and in those less fortunate.


Now Be You“Now Be You: A practical guide towards positive change” by Leonora Be You and Elena Dumpiene.

This is a book about transformation – how to face and manage adverse changes and make them favourable and even be motivated by them and start perceiving them as the chance of a lifetime.

It will help you to transform your inner life, personal life, and career. It will clarify you the dynamics of the constantly changing relationship between a man and a woman. Finally, it will influence your material wealth and success of your business.

Start reading “NOW BE YOU” today and get ready to start changing your life!

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For every book sold we provide a Khmer (Cambodian language) book for a Cambodian girl for a month.

B1G1 Cambodia

The books depict Cambodian village scenes and stories culturally appropriate to the girls. Some of the books also have English translations so that girls learning English can further develop their skills. The girls are extremely eager readers so there is a constant need for additional books. They love to share their developing language skills. This is made possible through global giving initiate B1G1. Find out more HERE.