Practice meditation daily to improve the quality of life, to relieve stress and negative emotions, to find your inner peace, to develop your intuition and much more! Now it’s possible to integrate meditation into your busy schedule. These tracks are prepared for you to be able to practice meditation like your daily routine, it only takes around 15 minutes of your time!

Try the benefits yourself! These are FREE meditations you can listen daily.

It’s highly recommended to use headphones while listening to these tracks. Please don’t try to to listen to these tracks while driving!

All tracks are combined of an intuitive music created especially for these meditations mostly from the sounds of the nature from various special places in the world, binaural beats, various instrument sounds and a guiding voice.

MORNING meditation will help you “turn on” your consciousness to begin the day with a sharp mind and body. This is the best “medicine” to overcome stress and apathy and the best way to train to become the true “owner” of your life. Listen HERE.

MIDDAY meditation will help you come back to your inner balance, rest from your daily activities and noise, recharge yourself with the new energy and go back to your work with enthusiasm and power. Just try it during lunch break instead of a cup of coffee!;) Listen HERE.

EVENING meditation will help you release all the negative emotions and stress that you had during the day and will let you sink into a qualitative and deep sleep which will let you rest and develop your intuition at the same time.
Before you go to bed, it’s highly recommended to write down all your thoughts, plans, tomorrow’s jobs so that nothing disturbs you while meditating. In the end of meditation (before going to sleep) it’s recommended to ask a concerning question and create the mood for upcoming day. If you practice this meditation consistently you shall get answers to your questions while dreaming. Listen HERE.

BODY SCANNING meditation – this is the basic practice if you want to start meditating. It helps you concentrate, develop your intuition and attention. With the help of this simple body scanning technique you would be able to calm down, heal yourself and improve the quality of your life.

This meditation trains your consciousness and helps to concentrate your attention into things that really matter in our life, in our dreams and wishes. With this practice you will learn how to master your mind and thoughts, how to concentrate them into your goal, how to stop them from inertia. This is a very powerful meditation that strengthens the connection with your body and gives positive impact. This journey towards yourself helps to awaken your intuition and wisdom, that lies deeply within us. It’s highly recommended to practice this meditation every day or at least 3 times per week. It’s not only self-development, consciousness training, discovering happiness and silence within ourselves but also a great way to rest and heal yourself. Listen HERE.

EMPOWERING MEDITATION – relaxing empowering meditation that will help you to connect with yourself. The music is especially created for a unique experience.
Use this easy to follow and short meditation every day to relax, release stress, reconnect with oneself and refresh your energy. Listen HERE.

Use headphones when listening to get the best sound experience. DO NOT try this while driving!:)

Guided sound meditations

Guided sound meditations

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