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About Leonora and Be You concept

“We get up every morning to make a difference to women so that they have the skills and abilities to impact our world with graciousness and generosity so that we actually begin to see real change coming to this world.” Join the movement!:)

Leonora BeYou (Leonora Blekaitytė) is a professional in personal development and life coaching, who has changed the lives of many people.
Leonora BeYou is of lithuanian origin and has grown up in a small town. After graduating she studied law in Vilnius and founded a talents‘ agency „Be You“. The success in entertainment business and managing her own company was interrupted by a sad accident, that has shifted her life towards completely different direction. Her heart has stopped beating and she was clinically dead. As the medical aid was belated, doctors called Leonora‘s recovery a miracle.

After the incident Leonora continued to run her company and engaged in spiritual studies at the same time. „Life has given me a gift – an absolute knowing that death does not exist. Try to embrace this idea as the undeniable fact. Can you imagine how much your life would change, if you believed firmly that there is no death?!“ – says Leonora about the fact that turned her life upside-down.
The clinical death was followed by 10 years of academic and practical studies in Lithuania, Russia and the USA. Leonora studied various spiritual sciences, sufism – one of the most ancient sciences of wisdom of the mankind, referred to Eastern philosophy – is among them. Leonora has been inspired by such people like Igor and Virginija Kalinauskas to name a few.

A huge impulse to establish a center in Ibiza and work with people is a result of meeting with world-renowned hypnotherapist Michael Newton’s colleague. The meeting itself was an “impossible” thing to do. Since M. Newton himself has ceased to run hypnotherapy sessions – his students do that – finding her way to participate in such session has been particularly difficult. There were long queues and Leonora didn’t have the required amount of money to pay for at least one session. Nevertheless, the meeting happened. Hypnotherapy has released a lot of Leonora’s energy and now she shares it with others helping them to pursue their goals. After realizing her mission and the power to help others, she began to work with people. Currently, Leonora is consulting individually – meeting face-to-face or by communicating online. Leonora’s “Be You” center is also being established on the marvelous island of Ibiza, Spain. A 30 years old girl gathers around her people that are searching, growing, enjoying their lives and constantly developing spiritually. “Many people are looking for me: those who are suffering, standing on the threshold of changes, and also very happy ones, sharing their discoveries and spiritual growth” – says Leonora. Her distinctive personality inspires people to write books. They will be published in the near future.

What is Be You?

The God’s gift to see the best in people Leonora has used before, when running her talents’ agency. “My talent – is revealing other peoples’ talents” – laughs Leonora. And even though we live in a time when all philosophies and spiritual sciences are so intertwined that there are no clear boundaries between them anymore, Leonora has developed a concept that she called “Be You”. By constantly shaping it and following it she is able to help other people. One of the main statements, that supports “Be You” philosophy and Leonora’s developed methods of working with people, claims, that all the answers to the questions we have are already within us. All we need to do is provide our soul with comfortable conditions and maybe an ear of a well-meant stranger to hear us out, so we can finally hear ourselves. Leonora calls it a “mirror” method and states that anyone, who hears himself and produces the answers to the questions he has, always wins, because all those decisions he makes, come from his inside, nobody has projected or dictated them, they are most suitable for that particular person and he can easily deal with them. “If a person has an idea, he is certainly able to implement it. That is because he projects his thoughts to where he already is, and what he is” – says Leonora.

“They say we learn from our mistakes. But it is not quite so. With age, we begin to remember who we are and the things we learned in our previous lives, we hear our souls better, that’s why misfortunes in our lives happen less often”, – Leonora is certain about the natural knowledge of a human being. Leonora’s created meditation and other methods of self-development and realization can help to hear oneself and meet with one’s soul.
Hearing yourself, discovering your talents and strongest sides – is the straightest way towards joy, abundance and content, that “Be You” promises. This is because we always eagerly do things we want to do, but if there’s something we need to do – we tend to put it off till the last minute. By doing something we want and are good at, we will never torture ourselves and will always get the reward we deserve. We will be successful in everything we do. When joining the Western lifestyle and its values with Eastern peace and philosophies, “Be You” concept doesn’t urge to resign or detach from the outer world. “On the contrary – our soul grows along with the challenges that our body and mind confronts. If you live by your calling, you turn your everyday life into greatest pleasure. You get the feeling that the universe itself pays you the greatest salary possible”.

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