Days of the week or Which day you’d rather kill off?

If we had a superpower to strike Monday off the calendar we would immediately do that! Better yet – all the Mondays in the world! Well, just like some of the airlines simply skip the seat number 13 on the planes – so that there were less chances of bad fortune. Meanwhile, calendar without Mondays should guarantee less stress at work, right?

Honestly, a fair thing to do would be to lop off a part of Sunday as well because moody thoughts start gathering in the afternoon. The middle of the week doesn’t bring happy thoughts either.  What is left? Several golden hours of Friday when the burden of the whole working week rolls down off the shoulders and a merciful weekend brightens up before! (I wonder, how do we manage to grow wings on Friday when we can barely crawl back home after the work on Thursday evening?). Alrighty, let’s do the math: during the week we have up to two days which make us completely satisfied about our lives. Five days of the week we just exist and even push them fast forward. Only two days we live. Oh well…

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Are you an egoist?

Usually we consider egoism as a vice, which we are trying to root out since our childhood. Because the person which share some and take care of others is much more useful and valuable for society  than the one at first concerned for his own well-being. But what is more beneficial for the person itself-  egoism or the other extremeness –altruism ? And does egoism as a human characteristic always exist only with the negative sign?

The great example  of the possitive egoism is demonstrated for us every time we are flying by plane. When a flight attendant  teach us how to act in the event of unforseen and different critical cases during the flight. When the oxygen mask falls out, first af all you  have to put on it yourself and only then to do that for your child and help others.  First of all – yourself! So what if you, being concerned with the welfare of other, such as our child, faint first ? Who will be going to look after your beloved, if you won‘t be able to take care of yourself in time ?

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