Testimonials about Be You retreat

Testimonials about Be You retreats

Alessandra “I didn’t know what to expect, but my friend suggested to come here during my period of life <…>I felt really welcomed to this environment <…> It was a combination of practice, meditation, writting assignments, of different techniques that we can bring home <…> It was one of the best gifts that I’ve ever made to myself.”

Justina “Be You women retreat for me was a really full 100% body and soul relaxation that I was really looking for and I needed that and I got everything here and I’m definately gonna come back”

Beatrice “Every single woman here gets something powerful and different <…> You feel so comfortable, such a good knowledge, really really helpful <…> This retreat help you to really connect to yourself and really be you”

“This was my first retreat. I did not know what to expect, I knew only that I wanted to devote some quality time to myself. It was a powerful experience for me. I was not used to share emotions and feelings in general and there it came so naturally and relieving. It was very enriching to have met different women and getting known each other, sharing some deep reflections, feelings, private and very intimate facts in such a short time. I came back home with a set of tools that I will try to keep with me for the rest of my life, practicing and discovering new things about myself. It was the best gift I have offered myself.” Alessandra

“This retreat experience was amazing to both: my soul and body. It gave me understanding about tru me. It gave me power and energy to do my best in my 3D world. It was unusual journey to myself. It was everything in one: amazing time for myself, intensive and at the same time relaxing holidays, I finally had a chance to meet myself and to say “hi, its me”. Millions thanks for all you girls for your caring nature. For a big wish to help others. I hope you all continue in working in such retreats.” Juste

“I liked all sort of feelings I experienced, during this retreat. I loved the way I was welcomed to villa. I loved people taking care of me. And the care was from people heart. It wasn’t fake. I enjoyed food, nature, accommodation and different soul and body practices. I liked the attention I was given. I enjoyed trusting people around me. Honestly, this was my first retreat ever and I am happy with every single bit during this time.” Julia

“I like the location of the retreat. Also the group and very personal attention. And all the details like candle lights, music, teas. All prepared with love and care. I liked all meditations and practices too. Also the outdoor activities. It was amazing new experience. I feel like all my questions were answered. Thank you very much!” Andzela

“I liked the venue, very cosy, comfortable and welcoming. I liked the alternance between actice practice, workshops and meditations. Time literally flew. I like your approach, a good balance of warm attention and professionalism. I enjoyed the moments in the nature. the food was delicious. it was great to experience that someone was taking care of me! I liked that i was fully committed to the proposed activities.” Tania

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