Be You retreat

BE YOU retreat –  a week of self development in one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, Ibiza

…..Did you realize how easy it is to get lost in your daily routines? Or maybe you more and more often realize that you don‘t have time for YOURSELF and you are dreaming about better, yet unexperienced life but you are affraid of changes? Even if you are living your perfect life you‘ve always been dreaming about, you still DESERVE time for yourself, BE YOU retreat!

Magical, full of contrasts Ibiza island and personal development couch Leonora Be You invite You to a week full of discoveries – BE YOU retreat. It‘s a journey through your most precious places in your heart, mind and soul. You‘ll rediscover yourself the way you were, you are, you want to be. Without any anger, negative feelings, fears, in harmony with yourself…

BE YOU retreat is a unique transformational experience, an experience you couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s different from usual yoga retreats, it’s a week you’ll never forget!

What‘s waiting for You in BE YOU retreat:

  • Beautiful Ibiza island with its mountains, perfect beaches, sunny days, fruit gardens. Oasis of tranquility in a luxurious Villa.
  • Daily work with your mind, body and soul guided by professional spiritual teachers and trainers.
  • Deep meditations, inner soul journeys, women energy practice, walks.
  • Healthy lifestyle tips&tricks given by special guests.
  • Light and delicious vegetarian cuisine from fresh, organic products. Additionally detox program with professional guidance and support upon request.
  • A small, cosy groups of exceptional, like-minded women.
  • Individual consultations.
  • Special massages lead by professional therapist will give you physical and emotional detox.
  • Innovative techniques combination in one retreat: NIA dance practice under open sky lead by certified trainer. NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) movement technique, a fusion of physical and spiritual techniques: yoga, taichi, aikido, jazz and modern dances, etc. Will help you connect with your body. More info:
    Hemi-Sync meditations. Hemi-Sync (hemispheric synchronization) is an audio-guidance technology working with binaural sounds that by synchronizing the two hemispheres of your brain help you to relax deeply, focus your attention, improve performance. More info:

With the help of unique methodology:

You‘ll understand who you are. You‘ll answer to yourself, why you are the way you are.

You‘ll learn how to use and act from your inner „source“.With such state of mind you‘ll never loose your determination, confidence and energy.

You‘ll grow as a women, overcome inner blocks.This methodology will help you use your femininity daily, feel light and be open to yourself.

After BE YOU retreat You will be:

  • Rested
  • Surprised by yourself
  • Open to yourself and others
  • More free and… lighter
  • Full of energy and inner peace
  • Full of feminine beauty, happiness and strength
  • You‘ll take yourself as amazing as you are
  • Free of fears, knowing how to overcome stress, tiredness and other obstacles
  • Ready for changes
  • „Juicy“ and passionate for life!:)




Retreat is lead by Leonora Blekaitytė (Be You)

Do you have questions? Contact Be You team by e-mail.