Transformational women retreat November 2016

The “TASTE OF ORGASM” – transformational feminine experience in magical Ibiza island November 19-23rd

Our big WHY:

“We get up every morning to make a difference to women so that they have the skills and abilities to impact our world with graciousness and generosity so that we actually begin to see real change coming to this world.”

Now we are bringing a proven retreat concept to international market and inviting YOU to join a transformational experience in magical Ibiza island.

Our professional team of meditation teachers, spiritual guides, healers, body trainers and business coaches is ready to share their experiences and know-how so that you DARE TO BE YOU, to enjoy the process called “life”, to become the master of your life, to enjoy being a women and not depend on any external conditions. We’d love You to EXPERIENCE life and not try to be perfect but be the TRUE and UNIQUE YOU!

We are bringing learning and experiences based on many various methodologies and techniques both ancient and modern to help you experience transformation and provide you with a roadmap for further development. From the teachings of Sufis to Osho, Hemi-sync, Reiki, NIA, healing and emotional inteligence techniques, psychology studies and more  - the team is equipped with various skills to guide you through this journey.

In this inner journey through 6 senses YOU will:

  • Hear simple techniques how to train your consciousness
  • See magical places of Ibiza island
  • Smell fresh nature
  • Taste healthy and fresh, hand made with love, intuitive kitchen food
  • Touch what’s untouchable
  • and FEEL what’s inside you and what you might have not felt before..





Our unique program that’s already been tested by more than 200 women (out of whom ALL of them just LOVED the experience) brings back focus to your conscious mind, deep self analysis and focus on intuition and feeling the right answers for you rather than just logically making them as we are used to in our competition based society. After your transformational week we are ready to help you make a clear plan how to integrate this knowledge and experiences into your daily life. ACTION is the key!

We are a team of various professionals: personal development consultants, healers, business coaches, trainers, chefs, therapists and more with extensive experience across self development field. What we’ll be sharing with you in the retreat is a simple formula of the “Power of 3″, we’ll be working with mind, body and soul, your intimate-inner life, personal life and your relationships as well as your social life – your work or business, for you to be a complete woman. Dedicated team is ready to support you throughout this journey. Our core team:

LeonoraLeonora – spiritual advisor, meditation coach, personal development consultant and healer with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Certified NIA  - body technique and power pilates trainer, book author, speaker and retreat learder. Leonora has gained knowledge while studying and leading workshops and retreats across Europe, Russia and the US. Read more about Leonora and BE YOU philosophy here.

Egle – experienced retreat organizer, personal branding and effectiveness consultant, soulpreneur. Having gone through various spiritual and business trainings that helped to go through various changes in personal life and career and having established her business she’s passionate to help you integrate the knowledge you’ve gained into your daily life and establish your identity as a women and support you after the retreat experience.

Amazing private chefs’ team and program guests - masters of food, intuitive cooking and healthy body, healing people with conscious cooking. Special guests in our retreats, always bringing new tastes and knowledge about eating into our life.

*We always bring guests to our programs: local healers, masseuses, etc. to provide you with an unforgettable experiences.

Full price for the retreat is 997 Eur which includes a number of special things:

EARLY BIRD price – 847 Eur (booking before September 30th)

  • 5 intensive days (4 nights) full of different experiences
  • more than 20 years of knowledge &  know-how of personal development
  • practical exercises for your MIND, BODY and SOUL
  • lectures and self-analysis exercises everyday
  • different types of meditations
  • special places on magical Ibiza island and local guests
  • transportation in the island
  • comfortable accommodation
  • healing, vegetarian food prepared by professional chefs, 4 meals a day
  • 100% dedicated team always ready to walk the extra mile
  • individual consultations
  • all materials and tools during the learning process
  • preparation before the retreat and support after
  • unlimited amount of fresh oranges:)








Just by joining this retreat you’ll help to change our world! Everyone who joins BE YOU retreat gives back through global giving initiative B1G1 that BE YOU organization is part of. More info


Extra costs: your flight tickets to/from Ibiza, transportation from/to airport (team will help to organize), extra services  like massages, guest consultations.

This is a retreat done differently. We’ve studied hundreds of retreats worldwide and were mentored by many professionals to create this powerful and unique experience that cannot be described in words, you just have to come and experience it! This is a program like no other and it’s not a yoga retreat where you have 1-2 practices a day and then take care yourself for the rest of the day. We’ve tested this program with more that 200 women already and we had 100% satisfaction rate so we promise you’ll get an unforgettable experience!

NOW Be You and join a global community of happy, feminine, unique, talented and successful women worldwide! Join our rapidly growing community on Facebook.

REGISTER bellow, retreat spaces are very LIMITED!

Registration to BE YOU retreat November 25th- December 1st 2017




Listen what retreat participants have said about this experience:

Jurate talks about her experience in BE YOU women retreat “This was a true ability to touch my true inner self through deep practices. “ 

Alessandra from Brussels “I didn’t know what to expect, but my friend suggested to come here during my period of life <…>I felt really welcomed to this environment <…> It was a combination of practice, meditation, writting assignments, of different techniques that we can bring home <…> It was one of the best gifts that I’ve ever made to myself.”

Justina from the UK “Be You women retreat for me was a really full 100% body and soul relaxation that I was really looking for and I needed that and I got everything here and I’m definately gonna come back”

Eva from the US “I feel empowered to empower other people with what I have to share”

Beatrice from Spain “Every single woman here gets something powerful and different <…> You feel so comfortable, such a good knowledge, really really helpful <…> This retreat help you to really connect to yourself and really be you”

Maya Grey gues lecture at BE YOU retreats talks about her experience

Egle about transformational BE YOU women retreat

For more testimonials visit HERE.


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