Transformational weekend experience for women

A UNIQUE and transformational women weekend retreat December 4-8th, Ibiza

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Give yourself the best gift for the end of 2015 and prepare yourself for a marvelous 2016! Join an empowering group of women during a transformational weekend retreat in a sunny Ibiza. This very well designed program has been tested by more than 150 women already as it is exclusively organized to small groups of women only few times a year. BE YOU retreat lead by inspirational personal development consultant Leonora Be You is designed to fully „disconnect“ you from routines back home. Our competent and caring team greatly believes that a fully happy and fulfilled person must always pay enough attention to all main areas in one‘s life: mind, body and soul; social life, personal life and intimate life, that‘s why this mindfulness journey will include various practices and experiences for you to get to know yourself better and become happier, „lighter“ person after all.

What happens over this weekend? 

BE YOU retreats are unexpected yet thoroughly planned by a great team of enthusiastic professionals who are “obsessed” with helping people to transform their lives. This weekend is a base to help you realize your full human and spiritual potential. This program includes clear guidelines and direction for your further spiritual development. A perfectly planned time for yourself over this weekend will help you to reveal the deeper meaning and purpose of your life and to reconnect with your essence. The program is planned so that you would try different meditation and body workout techniques, work with your critical mind during consciousness training and at the same time have time for yourself and relaxation. It’s an active holiday that you’ll never forget. You will be completely supported by a great team that will help you focus all your attention directly on this transformational journey.

What to expect:

  • an experience of different kind of meditations
  • writing assignments and other exercises
  • getting in touch with oneself and your true potential
  • experiencing the power that is beyond your critical mind
  • a shift in  consciousness
  • a clear mind and direction for new year
  • a unique experience of your true, divine self.





Preliminary schedule:

December 4th arrival to the villa and check-in from 7p.m., welcome dinner & introduction

December 5-7th three intensive days full of transformational experiences, different types of meditations, body workouts, lectures, etc.

December 8th closing and check-out until 2p.m.

For your MIND: there will be lectures and discussions to widen one‘s perspectives; meetings with interesting local people from Ibiza both scientists and artists; a notebook with various exercises to get to know your essence, your true values and believes.

For your BODY: different practices based on NIA (Neuromascular integrative action) technique combined with trainer‘s personalized body workout programs, it‘s difficult to describe these workouts in words, you just need to experience this great relief and energy practices.

For your SOUL: various breathing and meditation techniques, incorporating guidance and binaural sounds that will help you achieve better results; time in silence, personal consultations, various rituals to release your blocks, fears and let in fresh energy, peace and love. We‘ll offer different therapies in the retreat from channeling sessions, gong baths or facial massages to choose from.

100% satisfaction guaranteed – that’s how all the participants evaluated BE YOU retreat!

Retreat is lead by a personal development consultant, psychologist, certified NIA and power pilates trainer, active women energy practitioner – Leonora BE YOU. Read more about Leonora.

This unforgettable experience that we promise to you now is only 555eur.

What’s included in the price?

  • 4 nights at luxurious 5 star villa
  • All healthy, nutritious, vegetarian meals prepared with attention and love (meals outside the villa not included)
  • Daily meditations with special brain relaxing sounds
  • Daily body workouts from more energetic NIA dance to relaxing chi-kung and stretching exercises.
  • Transformational exercises
  • Mindfulness lectures and workshops for structuring your mind

EXTRA (not included in the price): transportation , meals outside the villa, extra therapies or rituals, flights to/from Ibiza

Short video about the week you’d never forget! WATCH NOW

Feedback from women who already experienced unique Be You retreat program:

“This is a super combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, mix of different experiences, time in the nature and trips around island. Very clear schedule.” Laura, 34yo, manager.

“If you’ve asked me earlier, I wouldn have said that such weeks don’t exist, bet I’ve understood that they do and that you could live like that all the time. I feel like in heavenJ” Rūta, 41yo, personal coach.

„Thank you for the idea, for the structure that was harmoniously balanced between knowledge, pleasure, femininity and which allowed each one of us to be both just with ourselves and together with the group. It exceeded all my expectations that i have before coming here. What I‘ve got here it‘s a huge additional value that you create. All team members listened carefully to the needs of the group, managed all the situations perfectly, never left unasnwered questions.  This week was amazing, such a feeling that until now i was living surrounded by noise and suddenly i found silence, tranquility and apradise. The knowledge was transmitted very subtly, everything got clear to me, things were put in order in my life. The words I‘ve heard perfectly fit with the practice. Wishing you the best in your mission.“ Džilda, 45yo, university professor.

„If you want to know one or another truth you can read that in a book, but if you want to understand and feel what Leonora does you must come here. The job that is done by Leonora I‘d call healing of hearts. Coming here helped me understand that you not only have to give time to rest for your body or mind but you have to take care of your heart, sould, your feelings.“ Ramutė, 52yo, psychologist, doctor.

„If I needed to describe this what you do in one word it would be – MIRACLE.“ Giedrė, 37yo, marketing manager, business owner.

See more testimonials: BE YOU retreat testimonials  

LUXURIOUS accommodation

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Registration to BE YOU retreat November 25th- December 1st 2017




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