Be You women retreat March 21-28th

You are invited to a perfect getaway – BE YOU women retreat

lead by international professionals team: Leonora Be You and Elia Augustijn

March 21-28th, in Ibiza island, Spain

collage voorkant 1 Just imagine… You wake up with sunshine, stretch and energize your body so it feels awake, then slowly enjoy your cup of tea and fresh breakfast gazing at fruit trees, before the noon you are stretching your mind then maybe enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea, followed by a healthy meal and perhaps a nap under an old olive tree. You are awaken by bird songs and most wonderful spring smells and you are excited to learn new things about yourself and finish your day with a great meal, sunset meditation and chat with new friends. Sounds like a perfect day? This is just a regular day at Be You retreat:)

 Whom BE YOU women retreat is designed for?

  • For You if you are looking for a tranquil escape from your busy life
  • For You if you want to clarify direction in your life and business
  • For You if you want to gain more confidence in your life
  • For You if you are searching for a perfect holiday combination including mind, body and soul work
  • For You if you want to try new and innovative techniques to work with yourself
  • For You if you‘d like to enjoy unspoiled nature and sunny weather in one of the most amazing islands – Ibiza
  • For You if you are looking for international environment, professional trainers and experienced organizers.
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Be You retreat registration

A perfect getaway – luxurious BE YOU retreat
December 2nd 2p.m.– 7th 4p.m., Ibiza island, Spain

It’s my pleasure to invite you for a perfect getaway weekend – BE YOU retreat for women on December 2nd – 7th in beautiful vila CAN DELA in magical Ibiza island. It’s a short break from your busy life that will help you “recharge your batteries”, stop all your daily routines, connect with the nature and true you, gain new techniques and skills to be used daily and much more. It helps you release your true talents and listen more to inner voice.

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