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March 24-28th time for private consultations in London

Personal consultation with Leonora Be You is a 1.5-2hours session that is held after the client filled in a questionnaire to better understand the situation, questions, prepare for the meeting and achieve best results. Depending on a client and situation Leonora uses different forms of consultation: conversation, guiding through questions or if needed through meditation, movement techniques, healing session, etc. Consultation in other words called a “mirroring therapy” is a tool to see yourself in a “mirror” when asnwers to one’s questions are not given by the consultant rather they come from inside. During the session with the help of Leonora you are guided to reconnect with yourself and find all information you are ready to receive from within. It’s a very individual process, may you have any questions about personal consultations don’t hesitate to contact Be You team: [email protected]

Price per consultation 50£. Consultations are held on skype as well.

Book your place now: [email protected]

March 26th book presentation (in Lithuanian)

March 28th 11a.m.- 2p.m. WORKSHOP

Workshop includes: “know how” sharing how to build up your inner peace in stressful situations, you will get practices to be used daily to grow your awareness, open mindedness and physical strength. You will get tips to work with your daily consciousness body relaxation and stress release exercises, practical exercises and guided meditation for relaxation. Result: after this workshop you’ll leave calmer, free of stress, rested, in inner peace, with answers to your questions. Price 70£. Audience: open to both men and women of any kind of age, it will be a small, cosy group. Place: Intelligent gym “Little Library” 75-77 White Hart lane SW13 0PW. Preparation: there will be a short questionnaire to fill out in advance to prepare you for the workshop and help Leonora get to know the group in advance.

Note: Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and feel comfortable, have a bottle of water, notes and pen, headphone (preferably without integrated microphone), bring a matt and/or blanket for meditation.

Book your place now: [email protected]

Leonora Be YOU is a life coach and consultant in the field of self-development. She has been developing her knowledge and skills in human power field for more than  10 years. Leonora successfully completed different psychological studies and is closely collaborating with recognized psychologists, therapists and scientists. Leonora specializes in human personal growth and especially focuses on women psychology and spirituality. She‘s been delivering trainings, seminars, individual consultations, group meditations, giving speeches and organizing retreats in Spain, The USA, Lithuania, The UK and Russia. Leonora is also a certified trainer of movement technique NIA as well as personal trainer of different power techniques in Energii club.

Leonora works with very diverse people, women and men of all kind of ages around the world. Leonora is a practitioner rather than theorist, her life is a great example how to integrate knowledge practically. Her passion is to help you learn more about yourself, find your strengths and uncover your true passions so that you‘d be loving every minute of your life!

Read more about Leonora HERE.

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