Mysterious Egypt


Not sure if many of you have heard of my magical connection with Egypt and its mystery, but I am strongly feeling the urge to briefly share it with you:

My journey within started when I was 19 years old.

Shortly after passing my first year exams at the Law University, my good friend decided to surprise me with a gift – a spontaneous one week trip to sunny Egypt. Totally over the moon about the surprise and without doubting for even a second, I soon found myself in Sharm el Sheik in an ‘all inclusive 5-star hotel’. Unfortunately, already two days into the trip of my dreams I felt stuck and willing to run a mile from that scenario, which by the way I encountered for the first and the last time in my life. Nevertheless, the desire to dive into the powerful history of Egypt was much stronger than me and my whimsy wish to run back to snowy Lithuania.

They say coincidences don’t exist – hence my ‘tears’ and longing for the Magic of Life were soon heard by a local tour guide. ‘Camouflaged’ under the modern day job title, this man was a mystic born into a family of many generations passing on their wisdom of the ancient land. He had the power to recognise the Souls that ‘emerged back’ from the history of Egypt into nowadays life..

I was totally clueless about that sort of information at the time, and the only thing that was clear to me was that going back to that hotel would be a waste of my journey, while this powerful feeling of desire to know more was pushing me so strongly to discover what is there and is waiting for me…

The ‘mystical tour guide’ heard my inner voice begging for rescue, so…on day 3 into my trip, I was already sat on the plane, far away from that so confusing to me ‘all-inclusive’ holiday concept. I was taking off to Cairo.

This is where my Soul journey to the past commenced.

Never had I thought back then about the journeys of Souls or about their different ages, but the idea of the unknown mystery was drawing me in so much, that I decided to immerse myself fully.

In Cairo I was greeted and hosted in some local suburb by the family of the ‘mysterious guide’. They kindly welcomed me into their modest home. My ‘bed’ was a stack of three mattresses, keeping me away from rats, placed in the same room with the rest of the family members, where we slept all together due to lack of space. Nevertheless, all discomforts aside, this is when I started to dive into Magic! I started to finally feel at home…

Even though my ‘individual’ was sickened by so alien to me environment and its indigenous customs – such as an immolation of an ox ceremony by bloodletting for example, or attending the gatherings of locals in old stinky sheds to perform some of their weird rituals. All aside, this was the time when my Soul started growing and rising like a dough.

I was totally blown off my feet after visiting some of the Egyptian temples, historical places and of course the pyramids. Blessings by their native mystics left me shaken and wandering beyond the boundaries of the logical mind. ‘Electrified’ by the indescribable energy currents and unexplainable memories of my Soul, so unfamiliar to Leonora (my individual), I was falling on my knees in tears of happiness while in the majestic mystical places of Egypt.  40318542_879561015567724_5455086555909586944_n

The piercing eyes of locals staring through to the depths of my Soul rather than at my noticeable fair hair (for a change), or a prophet identifying my past life in Egypt so vividly, or even random people kneeling down to kiss my hands with tears in their eyes after ‘recognising’ my Soul; none of this was understandable or in any way logically explainable to a then so confused 19 year old student from Lithuania. But the flame these experiences lit in my heart finally brought me home to my conscious Soul and to its ancient wisdom.

I returned to Lithuania fully grown within, while my physical appearance remained the same, as I was afraid to ‘jet out’ or to seem ‘abnormal’ in the conventional Lithuanian background. I was afraid to speak to anyone about these sort of mystical things that had just happened to me.

As time went by, my ‘individual’ was growing amongst its dreams and ambitions, whereas my ‘essence’ was developing alongside, attracting more and more magic while on its path within.

And suddenly, in December 2017, completely out of the blue, I received an invitation to participate in an event to do with the cryptocurrency project I am currently involved with. Bad news for a ‘proud Leonora’ – that she actually only had as little as 24 hours to prepare for the unexpected travel and the event. Nonetheless, my ‘essence’ felt ‘electrified’ in an exact same way as it had felt 15 years ago, while experiencing magic in the most mystical and majestic sites of Egypt.

Two days late, and basing my actions on my inner voice solely, I found myself in Egypt, again…

As soon as I touched down in Cairo, at the passport control, one of the officers kindly greeted me with the words ‘welcome back home dear’! Trying to not to take things too seriously I wrote it off as an unusual welcoming to a tourist.

Shortly after, I was on the plane again – on the night flight to Luxor, this time surrounded by the locals only. They seemed to be so interested in me, staring at me and questioning about what brought me to Egypt… I remember someone asking if it was the first time I had travelled to Egypt, when a voice of an elderly man behind me slowly uttered – ’no, she is back after 15 years’!

At the time I did not register what he said and why he said what he said, as I was too confused and too busy trying to plan in my head how in the middle of the night,  in a foreign country, I am going to find a man called Mohammed, amongst a number of other Egyptian men called Mohammed, as Mohammed was the one to be taking me to my team that had already left on a boat cruise on Nile 2 days ago!

As my mind was ‘screaming at me’ for this completely irrational behaviour – travelling in the middle of the night not knowing where I was going, not knowing who I was going with, and why I was going where I was going…Suddenly, a fuzzy memory of a farewell message I received last time I was here, popped up in my head. I remembered that just before I was going to leave Egypt for the first time, a man told me not to worry, because I would be coming back! He said: ‘you will be back here when you are ready to accept the truth’.

I counted the years back to when I heard it – it was exactly 15 years ago, when I was a 19 year old student of the Law University.

This is all started to make sense again… Feeling dizzy of the overload of information crossing my busy mind, I was lost in the crowd at the airport, when I heard another voice behind me, struggling to pronounce my name, telling me that he would be accompanying me, for the next 5 hours that night, until we finally find the boat. It was Mohammed.

And here we go again – the magic started as soon as we drifted across the little villages of Egypt, passing the desserts and watching the rising Sun! Discussing the young man’s visions, dreams and confessions about the past lives…The trip was so unique, and this time much more conscious, full of spiritual perception filtered through the volume my Soul.

While cruising on Nile I felt like I was going back in time, back into the roots of my Spirit, back into its vigour and today’s possibilities. My inner self was blossoming, whereas my conscious was so aggravated with my inner experiences. At one point it could not withstand it anymore, and so I found myself fainting in one of the temples we visited.

My second visit to this magical country was an emotional turbulence once again. But this time I left Egypt feeling like a Queen, gifted with comfort, new experiences and fresh new opportunities to come back ‘home’.

After this journey I was no longer confused and I finally managed to join the missing dots – the mystical words of the prophet I heard 15 years ago, the old and the newly encountered people and the situations. This is all clear to me now, and I am more than ever ready to tell my Egyptian story, to embrace its magic, to live it and to share it with YOU and the WORLD.

Egypt is calling me back!

It’s calling me back because it is one of the straightest paths to connect with intensive awakening energy vibrations, especially ascending the feminine powers such as femininity and sexuality of the Goddess within every woman.

So now I am asking you, my dear Goddess, possessing a vast wisdom and memory in your body as well as in your current life.

I invite you to join me on this magical BE YOU holiday, that has now become our beautiful tradition. I invite you to explore Yourself and to dive within through the mystery of this magical country.

This time we gather to create our own mystery, to share, to grow and to learn from the locals and from one another about the Magic of Life and the vast possibilities of our Souls within our human bodies.

The divine trip is planned for the 21th of February through to the 2nd of March 2019. Very soon we will confirm the final dates and some more in-depth information about the programme of the holiday. Feel free to contact us earlier by dropping a line to [email protected] because places will be limited!


Always with Love,





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