Empower your Goddess to shine Ibiza 2018

EMPOWER YOUR GODDESS TO SHINE –  transformational experience for women

November 27th – December 2nd in magical Ibiza island

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Join a transformational experience in magical Ibiza island! Our professional team of meditation teachers, spiritual guides, healers, body trainers and business coaches cannot wait to share their experiences and know-how so that you become the master of your life, embrace conscious femininity, feel the TASTE OF ORGASM in every aspect of your life and DARE TO BE YOU. We are here to make sure that you enjoy being a woman regardless of any external conditions. It’s not about being perfect, it’s all about being TRUE and UNIQUE YOU.

We are delivering experience based on various methodologies and techniques both ancient and modern to help you achieve transformation and provide you with a roadmap for further development. From the teachings of Sufis to Osho, Hemi-sync, Reiki, NIA, healing and emotional intelligence techniques, psychology studies and more – our team is equipped with various skills to guide you through your inner journey. We invite you to work with your mind, body and soul, your intimate-inner life, personal life (your relationships) as well as your social life – your work or business, for you to be a complete woman and a master of your life.


Why to embrace conscious femininity? So you become:

  • A conscious woman for yourself
  • A conscious mother for your children
  • A conscious partner for a man in your life
  • A conscious business woman or employee in your social life
  • A conscious friend for likeminded people around you



This is NOT A TRADITIONAL YOGA OR MEDITATION RETREAT. We’ve studied hundreds of retreats worldwide and were mentored by many professionals to create this powerful and unique experience. Our retreat is a deep and unique inner journey which will offer you:

  •  techniques how to train your consciousness
  • more than 20 years of knowledge and experience of personal development
  • practical exercises for your MIND, BODY and SOUL
  • lectures, discussions led by professional coaches
  • meditations
  • magical places of Ibiza island and local guests (healers, masseuses, etc. to provide you with an unforgettable experiences)
  • transportation in the island
  • luxurious accommodation
  • healing, intuitive, vegetarian food made with love by professional chefs, 4 meals a day
  • 100% dedicated team, ready to assist you in any matter, prepared to walk the extra mile for you
  • individual consultations
  • all materials and tools during the learning process
  • preparation before the retreat and support after

Our unique program has already been tested by more than 300 women and had a 100% satisfaction rate so we promise you’ll get an unforgettable experience! It focuses on your conscious mind, deep self analysis and intuition. After your transformational week we are ready to help you make a clear plan how to integrate this knowledge and experiences into your daily life. ACTION is the key!

APPLY by filling in the registration form bellow and wait for BE YOU team to contact you! This opportunity is not for everybody, we are looking forward for women who are eager to make positive changes in their live and are committed to join a fast growing community of women who inspire each other and the world around them that is why we will be selecting a special group for this journey together!

Our team is ready to support you throughout this journey:


Leonora Be You – a life coach, personal development consultant, book author, creator of femininity unleashing techniques, certified NIA trainer – Leonora Be You. She has been developing her knowledge and skills in human power field for more than 10 years. Leonora successfully completed different psychological studies and is closely collaborating with recognized psychologists, therapists and scientists. Leonora specializes in human personal growth and especially focuses on women psychology and spirituality. She’s been delivering trainings, seminars, individual consultations, group meditations, giving speeches and organizing retreats in Spain, The USA, Lithuania and Russia. Read more about Leonora and BE YOU philosophy here.


Egle – experienced retreat organizer, personal branding and effectiveness consultant, soulpreneur. Having gone through various spiritual and business trainings that helped to go through changes in personal life and career and having established her business she’s passionate to help you integrate the knowledge you’ve gained into your daily life and establish your identity as a women and support you after the retreat experience.


Ieva is a Human Recourses profesional and a Coach with more than 15 years of experience working in mutinational companies around Europe. Her passion is to bring the awareness and empower a person in his/her personal and profesional development journey by providing guidance through coaching or mentoring processes. Ieva is also a practitioner of various conscious body movement practices connecting your mind, body and soul and letting your inner YOU dance. Ieva is also a passionate traveller and BE YOU holiday retreats worldwide organizer.

CHECK OUT the packages here: a number of amazing things included in the price:

  • ONLY accommodation in private villa is worth more than 750 Eur!
  • unlimited amount of private and group consultations with experts during the week (worth more than 500 Eur);
  • exceptional food experience: healthy, vegetarian, locally grown, prepared by amazing private chefs (worth more than 700 Eur)
  • full day program and personal attention from team and staff to suit your needs (1 hr session starts from 100 Eur, and here you will be supported 24/7!)
  • guest surprises (worth more than 300 Eur)
  • lifetime access and support during monthly online webinars (invaluable!) and ability to start your own circle for women
  • experiencing “the pearls” of local culture
  • unlimited amount of oranges!
  • just by joining to help yourself you’ll help to change our world! Everyone who joins BE YOU retreat gives back through global giving initiative B1G1 that BE YOU organization is part of.  Last year together with our program participants we’ve made more than 40 000 impacts across the globe! More info

There’s more than 2150 Eur value in the package but now starting package is from only 888 Eur + 21proc VAT. Get this amazing offer and join a women empowerment movement 40% lower price!

We have already more than 300 women who named it as the best investment they’ve EVER made for themselves!

For more premium packages check here:

Extra costs: your flight tickets to/from Ibiza, extra services like massages (upon request).

Brief schedule of the week:

November 27th: arrival to villa from 12p.m., lunch, relaxing time, opening circle, dinner and meditation in the evening

November 28th-Dec 1st:

7.30a.m. morning body workout, dance workshop and meditation

9:30a.m. breakfast

11a.m. workshop or lecture 

2p.m. lunch

3-5p.m. free time to enjoy nature, visiting sacred and secret places of Ibiza, special guest therapies from deep breathwork to relaxing ayurvedic massage with locally produced products or time for extra exercises 

5-7p.m. workshop

7.30p.m. dinner

8.30p.m. group discussions or guest program

10p.m. bed time

December 2nd: breakfast and check-out

 (Schedule is a subject to change and will be adjusted to best suit the needs of participants)



Join a global community of happy, feminine, unique, talented and successful women worldwide! Check us out on Facebook or Instagram. Let’s create a wovement together!

Willing to share YOUR talent and passion with BE YOU team? Looking forward to exchange your work for an unforgettable experience together? Contact our partnership manager at [email protected], shortly explain how could you contribute to this amazing experience and we will get back to you with a special offer!

Ready to join? REGISTER bellow, retreat spaces are very LIMITED!


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