Be You women retreat March 21-28th

You are invited to a perfect getaway – BE YOU women retreat

lead by international professionals team: Leonora Be You and Elia Augustijn

March 21-28th, in Ibiza island, Spain

collage voorkant 1 Just imagine… You wake up with sunshine, stretch and energize your body so it feels awake, then slowly enjoy your cup of tea and fresh breakfast gazing at fruit trees, before the noon you are stretching your mind then maybe enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea, followed by a healthy meal and perhaps a nap under an old olive tree. You are awaken by bird songs and most wonderful spring smells and you are excited to learn new things about yourself and finish your day with a great meal, sunset meditation and chat with new friends. Sounds like a perfect day? This is just a regular day at Be You retreat:)

 Whom BE YOU women retreat is designed for?

  • For You if you are looking for a tranquil escape from your busy life
  • For You if you want to clarify direction in your life and business
  • For You if you want to gain more confidence in your life
  • For You if you are searching for a perfect holiday combination including mind, body and soul work
  • For You if you want to try new and innovative techniques to work with yourself
  • For You if you‘d like to enjoy unspoiled nature and sunny weather in one of the most amazing islands – Ibiza
  • For You if you are looking for international environment, professional trainers and experienced organizers.

What‘s waiting for You in BE YOU retreat program:

  • Beautiful Ibiza island with its mountains, perfect beaches, sunny days, fruit gardens. Oasis of tranquility in a private cosy villa.
  • Daily work with your mind, body and soul guided by professional spiritual teachers and trainers.
  • Deep meditations, inner soul journeys, women energy practice with Leonora and Elia.
  • DesireMap workshops where you‘ll work with your goals and desires.
  • Body work with NIA trainings – combination of sports, dance and meditation that will help you release stress and bring back peace into yourself.
  • „Mental fitness“:) – stretching your mind with new information, practical models and excercises.
  • Beautiful walks enjoying nicest views of Ibiza.
  • Light and delicious vegetarian cuisine from fresh, organic products.
  • A small, cosy group of exceptional, like-minded women.
  • Individual consultations with Leonora and Elia.
  • Peacuful surroundings in a cosy and homy villa Casa Sol.
  • Special massages lead by professional therapist will give you physical and emotional detox (upon request),
  • Innovative techniques combination in one retreat:

NIA dance practice under open sky lead by certified trainer. NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) movement technique, a fusion of physical and spiritual techniques: fitness, yoga, taichi, aikido, jazz and modern dances, etc. Will help you connect with your body. More info:

The Desire Map – get more direction to your plans, goals and desires. Follow your heart and feel free. A different view of and approach to a life with more satisfaction and clarity. The Desire Map is simple and effective. You are going to analyze the power of your desires, feelings and emotions. With a practical, inspiring and holistic tools, to your real wish to formulate clear and that way to satisfy your true needs.

Hemi-Sync (hemispheric synchronization) meditations – audio-guidance technology working with binaural sounds that by synchronizing the two hemispheres of your brain help you to relax deeply, focus your attention, improve performance. More info:

 And much more! We promise it will be a life changing holidays with deep experience of body, mind and emotions detox. It will be THE holidays you‘ll never forget!:)

 2013-04-15-14-50-05.collage casa veranda

Retreat is lead by two professionals that have an extensive retreat leading experience

Leonora Blekaitytė (Be You) and Elia Augustijn

(all activities will be held in english)


Leonora Be You

  • For 10 years she‘s studying and actively practicing different personal development techniques and uses the knowledge every day in personal and professional life. Leonora‘s motto is that knowledge doesn‘t change life, practice does, and she proves this by her examples.
  • Finished 3 years intensive courses in Moscow „Emocional intelligence“ lead by profesor Igor Kalinauskas and psichotherapist Eva Veselnitcka.
  • For 5 years studied feminine energy and finished „Women wave“ intensive courses lead by author of methodology Virginija Kalinauskiene.
  • Sertified NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) movement technique trainer. This practice is a fusion of physical and spiritual techniques: yoga, taichi, aikido, jazz and modern dances, etc. More info:
  • Leonora is delivering trainings in Lithuania, Spain, US and consultations worldwide for 5 years now.
  • Co-writer of a book „Ciencia y reencarnación“ („Science and reincarnation“) together with neuroetologo Phillipe Panchout, also recently published her book „Arithmetics of soul“ (in lithuanian).

Elia Augustijn

  • Trainer, motivational speaker and coach. Elia has a broad interest in innovation, spirituality, people and business and want to share her knowledge and experiences with you. As a friend a trainer or a coach, to inspire and motivate you.
  • Elia‘s features are: Spirituality, Freedom, Passion, Humor, Perseverance, Authenticity, teamwork, connection, Leadership and Result.
  • Elia‘s specialties: Personal development, coaching, team coaching, training programs, conferences and programs from different approaches, NLP Trainer (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), mindfulness, heartfulness, meditation and psychology.
  • Elia has been delivering DesireMap workshops in the Netherlands and Spain and been organizing retreats in Ibiza.
  • Read more about Elia here:

Unique BE YOU retreat only this time for 1195 EUR, early birds (registering until Feb21st 950EUR)*! Spaces are very limited!

*minimum 8 people in the group. Registration will be confirmed after paying 50% deposit. Registration until February 28th, after this date you’ll get confirmation email regarding the retreat after which you can purchase your flight tickets.

 Included in a price:

  • 7 nights in a comfortable shared double room in a cosy Casa Sol surrounded by a beautiful garden.
  • 8 days healthy meals (3 times per day, except meals in restaurant according to participants wishes)
  • A special full day program including different techniques – PERFECT RECHARGE FOR YOUR MIND, BODY and SOUL: deep meditations, excercises with energy, walking meditations, NIA, „re-programing“ techniques, practical models and tools and many more useful self discoveries.
  • Transportation during retreat week.
  • Individual consultations with Leonora and Elia during retreat weekend.

 Additionally (not included in price):

  • Flight with your chosen airlines from your destination to/from Ibiza.
  • Transportation from and to the airport (if a group gathers at the same time organizers may offer transportation to/from retreat villa for 20€ fee one way or will recommend taxi companies).
  • Lunch/dinner at a restaurant (according to participants wishes, price approx.60€)
  • UPON REQUEST:  massages (prices from 70€), other services.


Registration to BE YOU retreat November 25th- December 1st 2017





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